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The Sustainable Development Goals Fund management and organizational structure fulfills 3 organizational goals:

  • Full transparency and accountability with a wide variety of partners: national and local governments, donors, taxpayers, UN agencies and others.
  • Operational effectiveness, reducing the organizational size at the global level and keeping small joint programme coordination teams. Embedding work in national institutions and UN country offices.
  • National ownership, respecting country leadership and supporting capacity building for such leadership.

Ensuring adequate involvement of local counterparts in decision-making processes from programme design through implementation and evaluation is key. Strong Government leadership, a united UN Country Team led by the Resident Coordinator, and the sponsor Governments' participation are crucial to making strategic choices and delivering development results effectively.

Governance and management

The SDG Fund key governance and management units are:

  • SDG Fund Steering Committee. Represented at the highest level by UN Agencies and contributing Member States. It meets at least once per year and provides overall guidance and strategic direction.
  • SDG Fund Secretariat. A small, specialized team sitting in UNDP’s Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy in New York. It supports the Steering Committee and ensures the rollout of the Action Plan and all the country programmes. The Secretariat also plays an important role in guaranteeing transparency, establishing clear criteria in programme selection, and improving the quality of joint programme formulation. It’s also a link between the Steering Committee and participating countries.
  • The Multi-Partner Trust Fund. Also sitting at the global level, it’s the Administrative Agent for the SDG Fund and provides financial and reporting services. All the financial information and disbursements of the SDG Fund can be monitored real-time at the MPTF Gateway.

National accountability and governance

At the national level, all joint programmes guarantee national ownership.

  • National Steering Committee. UN Resident Coordinators (UNRCs), Governments and donor representatives come together to guide implementation at the country level. This is the highest body for strategic guidance, oversight, and programme coordination.
  • National Programme Committee. A programmatic organ that can also develop technical subcommittees to lead operations in the field. The committee is a platform for managing the programme and for political and technical dialogue among different stakeholders. Programmes are contributing to improved intersectoral dialogues among national institutions. Membership consists of participating UN organizations and relevant government and national counterparts.
  • Joint Programmes have also established local coordination structures. They facilitate participation of local counterparts and stakeholders, including civil society.

Way forward

The SDG Fund is a permanent facility to channel strategic joint efforts of UN agencies, development partners, governments and private sector to advance sustainable development.